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Print all your favourite moments in a high-quality photo book, perfect for gifting to a loved one (or as a little treat for yourself). Get creative and make your photo album book extra personal with fun stickers, or add captions and special messages. You can even order your personalised photo book straight from your mobile phone – making it even easier to turn your best memories into keepsakes.

How easy it to make photo albums online?

With our intuitive creation tools, you can quickly and seamlessly create your own personalised photo album online. It's much quicker than sticking your snaps into a photo album. Whatever you're looking for, we can help you keep your memories safe with long lasting photo albums offering the highest image quality.

Which is the best personalised photo book?

Whether you want to flick through a photo book of your children’s early years on a rainy afternoon, show off your wedding album to your friends, turn your Instagram photos into a memory book or make a gift someone will treasure for years to come – our versatile photo books are just the thing. With a range of sizes available, from a small, pocket-sized photo book to our premium hardback coffee table book with thick, glossy pages, you're sure to find a style that's perfect for telling your story.

Want to base your photo album on a specific theme or occasion? Here are our top tips for inspiration: Our Square Softcover Photo Book is great for snaps taken on staycations, beach days, camping trips, or even school artwork. It may be slim and lightweight but we don't cut corners on quality – its traditional binding means that this photo album will look good on any bookshelf. Customise your cover with your favourite images and use our intuitive creation tools to pick from a wide range of beautiful designs for your layout.

Our Square Hardcover and Large Square Hardcover photo books make great gifts for turning every detail into lasting memories. Why not scan in your vintage snaps and create a photo album full of personal milestones as a special present for the grandparents? It's a wonderful way of giving old memories a new, modern feel. Or get your family memories, special holiday snaps and even yearbook photos printed on our standard glossy photo paper with a protective hardcover. Traditional and robust, these customisable photo albums can hold over 100 pages.

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to creating your photo album, try our A4 & A3 Personalised Photo Books. Fill with pictures of cherished childhood memories, exciting getaways, dream weddings, or simply fill with snaps of quality times with your family. A best-seller for a reason, these photo albums are traditional, simple and make a great home for your memories.

Nothing says ‘open me’ quite like our lay flat photo albums. Keep one on your coffee table or in a bookcase and enjoy the occasional browse through your favourite shots. The lay flat binding means that the extra-thick pages open flat, so you shots can be printed seamlessly across a double page spread.

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Which photo books are easiest and quickest to create?

With our intuitive creation tools, you can quickly and seamlessly create your own personalised photo album online. It's much quicker than sticking your snaps into a photo album. Whatever you're looking for, we can help you keep your memories safe with long lasting photo albums offering the highest image quality.

Can you help me put together my personalised photo album?

Our online book builder makes it super simple to create a personalised photo album. We've got a wide range of book sizes and formats, so you're bound to find a photo book that's just right for gifting to a loved one - or yourself.

Upload any digital photo (or scan those old snaps) to start creating your online book. Our ready-made layouts help you find the look that suits your photo story best. Personalise your photo book with themes, colours, borders and fun graphics and stickers. And don't forget to add captions and quotes to remember important events, or send a loved one a heartfelt message.

Enhance your album with special touches such as extra-thick paper, a gift box or layflat binding to display photos over a double page spread. No matter which photo book design you choose, your photos will always be printed in the highest quality.

Which photo books are best for my coffee table?

All our photo books are premium and are suitable for showing off on your coffee table, but we recommend opting for a hardback finish to really protect the beautiful stories inside. We love our lay flat format for printing your photos seamlessly across a double page on thick, glossy paper. These photo albums are ideal for when visitors are flicking through your amazing memories – prop one open in a bookcase or on your coffee table, and it will become an eye-catching centerpiece. With that in mind, we suggest our A4 Lay Flat Photo Book and our Square Lay Flat Photo Book.

How can I make my photo book stand out?

We're constantly adding exciting new personalised photo books to our range. From cut-out covers to new sizes, there's no limit to what you can do to make a creative photo album that truly stands out from the rest. And the best part – there is a photo book for everyone! Perhaps you or your giftee like keeping things simple when it comes to style — we have you covered! You can create photo books to suit any taste and plenty of them come in a variety of cover colours. Personalise each page, leaving them plain, or going as vibrant as you like, and discover the myriad of options to add text, illustrations and colourful backgrounds.

What can I do with photo books?

Why not make a whole series of your own personalised photo albums? Your camera roll keeps on growing, so give those forgotten snaps a home in their own custom photo book. Organise them by year, by holiday, by person, by pet... there’s no right or wrong way to create a photo book collection, just make sure you’ve saved space on a shelf! Flipping through your photo book collection and reliving those incredible memories is a lovely way of enjoying a quiet hour to yourself. Let it inspire you to keep making personalised photo albums so that all your best moments last a lifetime.

Photo books also make the best gifts to send in the post, no matter where the recipient is. Create photo books online as usual, simply adding their address instead when you’re about to place your order. Imagine their surprise and delight when they unwrap the mystery parcel and discover you've sent one (or more) custom photo books to keep them company until you meet again.

Our app for Android and iOS means that it's now easier than ever to create photo albums on the go.

Photo books – Q&A

How many pages can I have?

That depends on which photo album book you go for. Most of our photo books come with a standard 24 pages, but you can choose to edit the book size and add extra pages for a small fee. Our best-selling A3 and A4 Personalised Photo Books can hold up to 160 pages at standard paper thickness, or 128 pages at upgraded paper thickness. Our other photo books range between 90 and 120 pages (with a few exceptions).

How thick are the pages in the photo books?

Our photo books cover a range of paper thicknesses, making sure you find right paper for bringing your snaps to life. Our standard paper quality is 170 gsm, and is glossy, flexible and durable. The paper can be upgraded in most of our photo albums. Our lay flat books come with 380 gsm as standard, which is thick like card and means that pages stay flat even when you're turning them.

Can I gift wrap my personalised photo album?

Absolutely. Some of our photo books, such as the A4 Lay Flat Photo Book, actually come carefully wrapped in their own photo album gift box. You also have the option of adding a gift box to all hardcover A4, A3, Square and Large Square photo books. For a small fee, we also offer a gift wrapping service for our A4 photo albums.

What is a lay flat photo book?

Lay flat' is the name of a type of book binding. It means that, because of how the pages are bound together, the photo book opens completely flat at the spine. Our lay flat photo book pages are extra-thick too, which also helps them open flat. This type of binding means that none of your photo gets lost in the spine – perfect for an impactful panoramic two-page spread.

Can I add messages to my personalised photo book?

Our photo book maker tool will help you add text captions inside all our photo albums in a variety of different fonts and layout options. You can also include text on your cover and the spine of some of our books, e.g. A4 and A3 personalised Photo Books, A4 and A3 Lay Flat Photo Books, Square Hardcover Photo Book, A4 Portrait Photo Book, Square Photo Book, Square Softcover Photo Book, A5 Small Softcover Photo Book.

How long does it take to make a photo book?

That's entirely up to you. Some of our personalised photo albums, such as our Little Moments Photo Book, can be made on your phone in minutes. Others can take a bit longer depending on how many photos you're using, and how creative you want to get with customisation. We can also help you by autofilling future photo books with your uploads, giving you a head start on your next masterpiece. How long you spend adding captions, backgrounds, experimenting with layouts and designs is up to you – spend as much or as little time as you like.

We know it can take a while to scour your photo albums for the best photo for your first page or select the perfect photo size for each image, that's why with our Buy Now, Create Later purchase option you can now enjoy up to 3 months to create your personalised photo books online.

What can I use a custom photo book for?

Photo books are brilliant for creating mementos for all sorts of occasions. Many of our customers use them to remember special memories from weddings, holidays, baby's 'firsts' or a whole year in family life. We've also seen them used for scrapbooking, recipe books and for professional portfolios.

Photo album books also make great gifts. Why not curate a collection of photos from a person's life to create a very personal book for a big birthday, make a travel journal for your backpacking buddies or pop your photos of a great day out with the grandparents into a Little Moments photo book to keep forever?

What colour is the cover on the inside?

We recently updated our photo album design and the inside of the cover is now a warm grey.

How to make a photo book

Creating a personalised photo album online is super straightforward:

  • First, pick your photo book style – we have lots to choose from.
  • Next, select the shots you want to feature in your photo album.
  • Then use our online editor tool to help tell your story – add text, fun designs and themes to personalise your photo book.

Read our blog for more tips and tricks on how to create the best personalised photo booksMost importantly, have fun.

Photo Books UK » Photo Album Online Maker (2024)


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