Lina Belfiore Age, Height, Wiki, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Bio (2024)

Lina Belfiore (born 28 October 2000) is an America-based Instagram model, Tiktok star, and social media celebrity. She is one of the rising influencers on Instagram. So far, she has accumulated almost half a million followers on the photo-sharing website. In fact, she is also fairly popular on Tiktok where she has a few hundred thousand followers. Moving further, you can find more about her age, height, wiki, net worth, boyfriend, bio, weight, body measurements, family, ethnicity, parents, siblings, nationality, religion, facts, and more.

Lina Belfiore Wiki/Biography

Born in an American family in the United States, Lina Belfiore’s birthday is celebrated on the 28th of October. Her nickname is Lina and she is a Scorpio by zodiac sign. She completed her schooling education at an unknown educational institute in her hometown. However, she is yet to share any information about her higher studies.

Real NameLina Belfiore
ProfessionInstagram model, Tiktok star, and social media celebrity
Age22 [as of 2022]
Date of Birth28 October 2000
BirthplaceUnited States
HometownUnited States
Zodiac SignScorpio
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForTiktoks

Lina Belfiore Boyfriend, Family & More

Lina Belfiore’s marital status is unmarried. However, she has a boyfriend named Mike Tornabene. They have been dating for at least more than a year. Looking at his profession, he is an entrepreneur cum internet personality.

He is quite popular for founding an apparel company named The Shell Corp. Leaving this, he has more than 291k subscribers and 196k followers on YouTube and Instagram respectively. Prior to this relationship, Lina could’ve been romantically linked with more than one person.

While Lina’s ethnicity is mixed, she is an American citizen. However, we couldn’t gather any information about her parents or siblings because she prefers to keep her family details hidden from the public forum.

Lina Belfiore Age, Height, Wiki, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Bio (1)

Lina Belfiore Age, Height & More

Born in 2000, Lina Belfiore’s age is 22. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches & weighs around 58 kg. Lina has blonde hair and brown eyes. Her body measurements are 33-25-36 whereas her shoe size is 8.5 (US). Looking at her physical features, she has a beautiful face and an amazing personality.


Lina Belfiore kickstarted her social media career by launching her Instagram account. She shared her first post in July 2019. However, it is believed she previously used the platform personally. Finally, she converted it to a public account and began uploading gorgeous images.

At the same time, Tiktok began to take over social media and she hopped on the short video-sharing app as well. While she shares her stunning images on Instagram, she showcases her beautiful appearance through short clips on Tiktok.

She finally started gaining followers in 2022 as she consistently started earning a few thousand followers on both social media platforms. In fact, she earned almost a hundred thousand followers on Instagram in November of that year. Currently, she has more than 476k followers and 397k followers on Instagram and Tiktok respectively.

After becoming fairly famous, she made an entry on YouTube. Though she created her channel in March 2022, she made her debut in October. She is often seen uploading fashion and fitness videos. In fact, her try-on haul videos have amassed millions of views on the website. At the current time, she has 277k subscribers with 21 million total video views.

Lina Belfiore Net Worth

Lina Belfiore’s net worth is $650,000 (estimated). Her major sources of income are sponsorships and Onlyfans. As a rising influencer model, she works with various fashion brands to promote their brands to her followers. Right now, she is already sponsored by Aplhalete and The Shell Corp.

Next, Lina only recently launched her Onlyfans account to share premium content. She initially never thought of creating an account on Onlyfans but eventually made it to the platform after being suggested by her roommate/social media star Claire Stone.

So far, she has shared 200 posts and amassed almost 100k likes. Though her subscription plan is priced for nothing, she earns through tips and PPV content. Her earnings through these features are very hard to estimate as they fluctuate a lot.

Lastly, she earns through ads on YouTube. Over the past few months, she has been consistently attracting a few million views each month. As per our estimations, she is potentially making $10,000 in monthly ad revenue.


  • She has no tattoos inked on her body.
  • She loves pets, especially dogs.
  • Lina currently resides in Los Angeles with two fellow social media influencers.
  • She is managed by Moxy Management, a creator management company.
  • She has more than 6.7k subscribers on Snapchat.
  • Her business email is linabel[dot]business[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • She doesn’t have an account on Twitter yet.
  • She has been to many foreign nations such as Bermuda, Italy, Spain, etc.
  • Does she drink alc0hol? Yes.
  • Does she prefer sm0king? Not known.
  • She has a backup Instagram account under the username notlinabelfiore with 23k followers.

FAQs about Lina Belfiore

Who is Lina Belfiore?

Lina Belfiore is an Instagram model, Tiktok star, and social media celebrity based in the US.

How old is Lina Belfiore?

22 years old.

How tall is Lina Belfiore?

She stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Does Lina Belfiore have a boyfriend?

Yes, she is currently in a relationship with Mike Tornabene.

How much is Lina Belfiore worth?

$650,000 (estimated).

Images source: @linabelfiore on Instagram.

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Lina Belfiore Age, Height, Wiki, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Bio (2024)


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