Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (2024)

In coding, it’s all about learning by doing. Coding activities for kids are a hands-on way to learn the basics of programming.

Studying code and examples can only take kids so far. They need to put their knowledge into action and the best way to do that is just to code.

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Kids in my coding classes get so excited when they see their code in action. They’re not just watching me write code, they’re doing it themselves and that’s why they’re learning. In every class, we complete a project or activity so they’re constantly adding knowledge.

Here are some fun and free coding activities your kids are sure to love!

Coding Activities for Kids

  • Scratch Coding Activities for Kids
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript Coding Activities for Kids
  • Python Coding Activities for Kids
  • Google Coding
  • Hour of Code
  • Unplugged Coding Activities Without a Computer

Scratch Coding Activities for Kids

Scratch is a great platform for kids who are just learning to code. It’s free and allows kids to use drag-and-drop code blocks to write programs. Kids can build their own games and apps that can be shared and remixed. Try these fun activities to learn about Scratch and then get more Scratch project ideas.

Make a Flappy Bird Game

Ages: 8+

Skills Learned: Scratch basics, loops, time functions, animations

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (1)

Kids fly through the air as a flappy bird, but they have to avoid a collision to reach their destination. They’ll learn to animate a moving object and create obstacles by using code blocks. Kids will have as much fun coding this game as playing it. It’s an easy game to build and requires no setup in Scratch.

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Flying Space Cat Game

Ages: 8+

Skills Learned: Scratch basics, loops, functions, game score logic

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (2)

In this game, kids travel across space collecting crystals and use game logic to keep score. Collecting is a popular mechanic in games and is easily coded in Scratch with the same basic logic. They’ll learn how to animate a moving background and in just a few steps have a completed game. Easy activity for first-time coders.

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Rocket Landing Game

Ages: 8+

Skills Learned: Scratch basics, loops, random functions, variables

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (3)

A simple coding activity where kids have to land a rocket on a moving platform. They’ll learn how to alert the winners and losers which is a common game element. There are only a few elements to code, so the concepts and code are easy to follow. This activity also includes a full tutorial video and printable PDF for extra support to complete it.

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Valentine’s Day Card Scratcher

Ages: 8+

Skills Learned: Scratch basics, loops, positioning, functions, if-then statements

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (4)

A scratcher card coding activity where kis can share a messages with the ones they love. They’ll learn how to animate a scratching effect and get familiar with positioning in Scratch. This activity is perfect for Valentine’s day and is also easy for kids to personalize and add their own flare to.

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Holiday Advent Calendar

Ages: 8+

Skills Learned: Scratch basics, events, if-then statements

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (5)

Kids slowly reveal gifts, goodies, or games to family and friends in this fun holiday coding activity. It’s a good way to practice basic coding concepts and date-related functions in Scratch. Kids can get pretty creative with their designs and gifts. A lot of the logic is included in the base game that kids will remix.

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Halloween Candy Collector Game

Ages: 8+

Skills Learned: Scratch basics, loops, functions, mouse events

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (6)

Kids collect a load of candy in this Halloween-themed Scratch game. They’ll code a ghost character and setup different scenes for their game. There’s a video tutorial included so you can follow along. It’s an easy and fun game for beginners and can be played with family and friends.

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HTML/ CSS /JavaScript Coding Activities for Kids

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the foundation of modern web development and important languages for all developers. Many programmers use these languages regularly, but even those who don’t need to have a basic understanding to develop for the web. Try these coding activities to practice HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Holiday Card

Ages: 10+

Skills Learned: HTML/CSS basics, Google fonts, styling

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (7)

Kids can save paper and the environment by coding a digital holiday card. They start with a blank card to add their image and message to using code. This requires only basic HTML/CSS for beginners and a few simple steps. It’s a fun and creative way to incorporate coding into your holiday activities.

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Thanksgiving Matching Game

Ages: 10+

Skills Learned: HTML/CSS basics, classes, click events, buttons

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (8)

Try coding a memory challenge in this Thanksgiving matching game. Kids will use 3D transformations to flip the cards and code a simple button. The starter code provides the basic functionality and kids can build and personalize their game on top of that. Full video tutorial and printable coloring activity included too.

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Disappearing Snowman

Ages: 10+

Skills Learned: JavaScript basics, keyword events, arrays, functions, animation

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (9)

This is a classic word game turned into JavaScript code. Kids will use code to check for matches between their secret word and the player’s, otherwise their snowman starts to melt. A nice starter activity for kids learning vanilla JavaScript.

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Rock, Paper, Scissors

Ages: 10+

Skills Learned: JavaScript basics, game logic, variables, time functions, events

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (10)

This coding activity features a classic game with simple game logic, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Kids code emojis that show the player and computer’s choice along with the winner. This has a simple design and starts kids off with the HTML and CSS code, so they can focus on learning JavaScript.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Ages: 10+

Skills Learned: JavaScript basics, jQuery, functions, events, animation, conditionals

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (11)

Kids have to use code to hide eggs and then find them in this Easter coding activity. They will practice coding in both JavaScript and jQuery. There’s not a lot of code to write and the logic is easy to follow. It’s a quick introduction to several JavaScript concepts and can get kids interested in learning more.

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Python Coding Activities for Kids

Python is both an easy-to-learn and widely-used coding language. That’s why it’s the first language we teach in our middle school and high school coding programs. Python coding activities will help kids solidify the concepts and syntax in an engaging way. Check out these Python activities and more Python projects for kids.

Random Dad Joke App

Ages: 11+

Skills Learned: Python basics, functions, loops, imports, APIs

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (12)

Nothing’s funnier to kids than a dad joke, right? Now, kids can code their own app that generates dad jokes anytime. It’s a simple activity that utilizes basic Python functions and logic. For kids, this activity explains the concepts and shows the results for each line of code.

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“Pig” Dice Game

Ages: 11+

Skills Learned: Python basics, functions, loops, imports, APIs

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (13)

Kids can challenge the computer to a game of Pig. This coding activity assumes kids know basic Python programming. Kids will code the game logic and use a CodeWizardsHQ API to access a database of jokes. This is a fun activity for beginner Python students and covers important Python topics like functions and imports.

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Google Coding

CS First is a program created by Google to make learning effective and fun while leveling the computer science playing field. They have computer science curriculum for teachers and activities for students. These feature fun hands-on activities with instructional videos.

My Google Logo

Level: Introductory

This activity uses Scratch for CS First. Kids will learn about computer science and then use loops, events, and sequencing to design and animate a Google logo. They walk kids through the activity step-by-step and they can press continue as they are ready to progress. It’s easy even for young kids and has fun with Google Doodles.

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Level: Intermediate

A video-based curriculum with multiple activities to choose from. The videos explain the art concepts and also instructions on how to code the project. Students create animations, interactive artwork, photograph filters, and other exciting, artistic projects using code. It’s a great way to encourage kids who enjoy art to consider coding.

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Game Design

Level: Advanced

A video-based curriculum with multiple games to code. Students learn basic video game coding concepts by making different types of games, including racing, platform, and launching. They also learn about storytelling and the intangibles that make a game awesome.

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Hour of Code

Try coding for one hour and see where it takes you! Hour of Code is a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science, starting with 1-hour coding activities. Check out these free Hour of Code activities to get started.

CodeWizardsHQ Hour of Code Activities

A list of free Hour of Code activities for beginners in Scratch, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python. CodeWizardsHQ teaches the most fun and effective live, online coding classes for kids ages 8-18.

View Activities Hour of Code

The official database of one-hour tutorials designed for all ages in over 45 languages. is an education innovation nonprofit dedicated to the vision that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science as part of their core K-12 education.

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Tynker Hour of Code

A list of Hour of Code games in block and text coding that also features activities from NASA Experts. Tynker is a leading K-12 creative coding platform that enables students of all ages to learn to code at home, school, and on the go.

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CS First Hour of Code Activities

Simple, self-guided lessons that are designed to make coding fun for everyone. It’s easy to get started, with no CS knowledge needed. CS First was created by Google as a resource for teachers to makes learning effective and fun while leveling the computer science playing field.

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Unplugged Coding Activities Without a Computer

It’s also possible to learn about coding without ever touching a computer. Try one of these unplugged coding activities to learn code concepts and syntax completely analog.

CodeWizardsHQ Free printable coding worksheets

Ages: 8-13

These printable coding activities give a basic introduction to ASCII, binary code, sequencing, and bubble sort. While these don’t cover specific coding languages, they are concepts that are important across computer science. Great for beginners.

View Activities “Unplugged” activities: CS without the computer

Ages: 14-18

Kids and teens can learn about coding with this unplugged lesson plan for teachers and parents. They’ll learn about binary numbers, events, and algorithms with easy activities. No coding knowledge is required.

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CS Unplugged Activities

Ages: 5-14

This is a whole collection of free teaching materials that teach Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons, and lots of running around. Lessons come with printables, slides, and speaker notes.

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Teach Your Kids Code Unplugged

Ages: 4+

These activities get your kids learning to code screen-free. Most of the activities require little prep and use simple household items you already have. These are a good way for kids to get started with coding at home or at school.

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What Is Coding?

In kid-friendly terms, coding is using a set of instructions to communicate with computers. Coding for kids is how we teach kids about coding and programming. There are different coding languages and they all have different rules and uses, but they all give computers instructions on how to do specific tasks.

Developers write code to communicate with computers. The computers then translate that code into a series of actions and tasks to perform. Code can be used to build games, websites, and apps. There are also many systems, like AI, that require code to perform functions.

Why should kids learn to code?

Technology is a part of everyday life for most kids and teens. So, understanding code allows children to go past simply using technology. It lets them create and invent technology. Many of today’s most important companies, Tesla and Google, were created by founders who could code.

Coding also teaches skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, perseverance, communication, and creativity. These are valuable skills for any future career and also builds skills for school and life. If you’re not convinced, check out these 26 reasons learning to code benefits your child.

If your child wants to learn how to code in a fun and engaging way, try coding classes for kids.

Helpful Coding Resources

Here are some helpful resources if you are getting started with coding for your child:

  • Coding For Kids: 46 Free Classes, Websites, and Apps
  • What is Coding for Kids?
  • 26 Reasons Learning to Code Benefits Your Child
  • Why Your Kids Should Learn Coding (Even If They Aren’t Interested in STEM)
  • How to Teach Coding to Kids
  • Is Coding Right For My Child?
  • How Coding Helps Kids in School
  • 10 Best Kids Coding Languages

Download Free Printable Scratch Coding Tutorials PDF

Get the Rocketship Landing game and Flying Space Cat Scratch tutorials in a printable format.

Coding Activities in Every Class

At CodeWizardsHQ, we complete a coding activity or project in every class. We have a hands-on approach to teaching coding through problem-solving and that’s why our students are so successful. In our structured curriculum, kids build on their coding skills in every class and demonstrate their skills with capstone projects. By the end of the program, kids are ready for a real-world coding internship. Learn more about our coding programs and enroll to get started.

Fun & Free Coding Activities for Kids (2024)


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