20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (2024)

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (1)

Dogs really are a wonderful best friend for not only men, but women and children as well. They are loyal to a fault, sweet and lovable, affectionate and they are very protective of those they love the most.

They are just sweet creatures with a high level of intelligence, and they’re a lot of fun. It helps, too, that scientific medical studies prove that people who own dogs live longer that those that do not.

But when it comes to dogs, there is one thing that people love more than anything; puppies. They’re small, sweet and oh-so-lovable. Even the most anti-dog person you know is often unable to resist the sweetness and adorable features of a puppy, and that’s from almost any breed.

But these 20 breeds are really working hard to melt hearts and make people dog lovers all over the world. Find out which breeds we’re talking about that have the sweetest, cuties puppies of them all.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (2)

1. Labrador Retriever

You’ve seen them as adults and you know you love them, but have you seen them as puppies? They’re so darling when they’re little that you will not be able to help but want one of your own. It is, however, important to remember that these are not dogs that stay little puppies for very long.

They get big fast, but they are so much fun and so loving that you won’t even care that they’re not small anymore. The exception is when they lunge for you happily, forgetting that they actually weigh a lot.

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2. Bassett Hound

It’s the quintessential dog; it has short legs, wrinkles and big ears. If that’s not cute enough, let’s think about how sweet it is when it’s still small. What’s not to love about this darling dog? Not just picture it as a puppy and prepare yourself to fall even further in love with this little darling. It’s going to be all but impossible not to want to bring this puppy home with you at a moment’s notice, and we just can’t help you in that aspect.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (4)

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Have you heard the term, “Don’t give me those puppy dog eyes,”? That term was absolutely totally coined when someone saw this dog and decided that it was worth the effort to use the phrase to describe the dog. It’s got the sweetest, saddest eyes I’ve ever seen. It’s the kind of dog that makes you want to pick it up and baby it for the rest of your life. It’s the perfect little puppy; and it’s pretty cute when it grows up, too.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (5)

4. Maltipoo

It’s the cross between a Maltese and a Poodle, and there is literally not a thing not to love about this dog. It’s sweet and adorable, and it’s so small and cuddly. You have to keep this one groomed often as its hair will get a little out of control if you don’t, but it’s so sweet and so adorable that it really does not matter in the least. What we love about this dog is that it’s got such darling eyes and it almost looks as if it is smiling. Shrink it to puppy size and you’re heart will simply melt.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (6)

5. French Bulldog

There is something so sweet about a bulldog in general, and this one is no exception to the rule. They are darling little animals, and we adore them. They’re sweet and fun, they’re loving and they’re total lap dogs. And when they are small like this one, they’re even more adorable. You’re not going to be able to remember why you don’t want a dog in the first place, or a second or a third dog, when you see this little guy as a baby. It tugs at heartstrings.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (7)

6. Pug

The pug; what can we say about the pug? Other than the fact that it’s absolutely adorable and really just one of the sweetest animals around, there is not much else we can say about this breed. However, we can say a lot about the puppy version of this breed. Seriously one of the sweetest little dogs you will ever see, the pug puppy is just about all that’s right in the world.

There is nothing you won’t love about this dog, and we cannot stop you from adopting as many as you can. You’re certainly going to become pug obsessed when you encounter a pug puppy.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (8)

7. St. Bernard

This is a dog that gets quite large, but it begins its life small and adorable. Trust me when I say that you are going to go completely crazy when you see this little dog’s sweet face and adorable little features. The only thing that makes this dog look like it’s going to be big someday is its large paws, which are even larger in person than they are in photos. Soft fur, big eyes and that beautiful coloring make this dog extra sweet in anyone’s opinion.

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8. English Bulldog

You’ll see these all the time on advertisem*nts and other locations, and it’s because they are so sweet and adorable. These are some of the cutest puppies you’ll ever see, even though they’re also adorable adults. It’s got to be their short little legs and their sweet faces that make people literally stop in their tracks for a second look at what is supposed to be something fantastic.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (10)

9. Pomeranian

I’ve only met one in my life, and I’m going to tell you that I didn’t care for it. It was so attached to its owner it wanted nothing to do with anyone else, and it didn’t want anyone else getting to close to its owner, which made handshakes and hugs a little dangerous. But oh my; what a darling little puppy this dog is when it’s small and cute. They don’t get very big at all, but they are particularly sweet when they are small.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (11)

10. Corgi

You know this is a dog with some seriously short legs as an adult, so imagine as a baby this dog with little legs and huge ears. In fact, I’m almost positive that these pups have bigger ears than they do bodies when they are this small and that’s what makes them so fantastic. It’s difficult not to want one of these for yourself when you see it, and that’s because it’s just so sweet. Prepare yourself; if you see one as a puppy, you’re taking it home.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (12)

11. Golden Retriever

These are some of the most popular dogs in the world. They’re sweet and they’re beautiful, and they’re just as adorable as puppies, if not more so. These darling dogs are small and sweet, and people just love them when they’re babies. They’re friendly and exuberant, and they have a lot of personality. Combined with their sweet faces, they’re going to melt your heart and cause you to fall madly in love from the start.

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12. Pekingese

With all that hair and that sweet face, it’s impossible not to find this particular dog about as cute as you could imagine. Now shrink it and turn it into a puppy and try to imagine anything sweeter. You can’t, because it’s not possible to become any sweeter than this little animal. It’s just a doll from start to finish, and that is what we love most about this little breed. What a darling puppy.

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13. Yorkie

Yorkie’s don’t get very big to begin with, so they’re even smaller in real life when they’re born. They’re so sweet and so cuddly that you just want to take them all home with you and keep them forever. There’s nothing wrong with that, really. We love this breed and we can see why others love it, too. It’s sweet and adorable, and it’s one of those dogs that just tugs at your heartstrings on a regular basis. It’s a cute puppy, and there is no denying that.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (15)

14. Dalmatians

These spotted dogs made famous by firefighters and the 101 of them from Disney is actually a completely white dog when it is born. Did you know that? How sweet and how cute that this little one doesn’t develop spots for a few weeks? This sweet dog is just a dream come true as a puppy all sweet and small. It’s loving and affectionate, and it just loves to cuddle. That makes it all the more sweet and saucy.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (16)

15. Maltese

These little dogs are just adorable. There is nothing you can say about them that makes them seem any less adorable than they are, and people love them. When they’re newborns, they’re so small and so fragile that you just want to protect them with everything that you have. It’s normal, and it’s welcomed. These dogs are going to make you fall right in love and want to take them all home with you. They’re great companions, however, so that shouldn’t be a big problem as they get older.

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16. Lhasa Apso

A sweet breed by nature, this is one that is just an adorable puppy. It’s probably one of the main reasons people begin looking into this breed in the first place. Of course, it’s a great dog with many different amazing attributes, so it’s also a dog that keeps people interested longer than just the “It’s so cute I want one right now,” phase. We love this dog, and you probably will, too.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (18)

17. Poodle

What is not to love about a poodle? They have the best coat of hair, and they’re highly intelligent dogs. They have some of the most adorable puppies, too. These dogs are very popular for a number of reasons, not only because they are so pretty. They’re smart, which makes them very easy to train. They’re lovable, which makes them very easy to want to bring them home. They’re very loyal, which is what most people are looking for when they decide that a dog is for them. And did we mention how cute their puppies are?

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (19)

18. Dachshunds

This is a dog that has one of the most lovable faces you’ll ever see, and their puppies are so sweet it’s not even funny. These are dogs that have so much to offer in terms of being great family dogs, and that’s why people love them so much. They’re not watchdogs or very fierce dogs, but they’re sweet and lovable, and that’s why we recommend this dog. And wait until you see a puppy. They’re so sweet they’ll make your heart melt. Those eyes are just to die for.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (20)

19. Chow Chow

The Chow is a dog that has some mixed reviews. It can be a very aggressive and territorial dog, and the American Kennel Club recommends that people who engage with chows as pets should have experience with dogs and should be very careful about their training. But there is no doubt that this breed makes some seriously cute puppies. They’re almost like living stuffed animals with all that fur and all that lovability; and that’s what draws people in.

20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (21)

20. Beagle

Few dogs, in general, are as sweet as the Beagle. Lovable and sweet, this is the kind of dog that makes you want to make it your forever friend. It’s sweet and darling, but its puppies are so sweet and darling that you’re not going to be able to help yourself. We love this breed and we love its puppies even more. I can promise you that few things in life are as cute as this particular dog, and it’s for good reason that I say this.

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20 Dog Breeds That Make the Cutest Puppies (2024)


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